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Love Songs

At the centre of the work is the body.


The body as a tool at our disposal, but one which is in a constant state of flux.
Our bodies have specific traits, that can be broadened, altered, or disrupted.

Here, the body is an archive. It's our primal instrument for
any form of communication: verbal, musical, gestural, emotional and performative.

“Love Songs” asks to dig deep, mining the internal sounds of the human body

to grow them into tunes, harmonies, syllables, words and movements, into singing and dancing.
By deconstructing the grammar of dance and music and reinventing their relationship 

a new language is created;

one made of words, texts, music, rhythm, love songs and folk songs, as well as of gestures, movement, patterns and corporal attitudes.
Through these elements the artists weave a landscape in which the long tradition

of songs and poetic practice is reflected and embodied.

"Love Songs" features different dramatic scenarios, some of which were inspired by selected
works of poetry, from different periods in recorded history.

The choreography evolves to create a space, at times abstract

and at times concrete, that relates to a liturgical context.

It provokes us to experience counterpoints and tensions:

words and actions, gestures and meanings, sound and voice, movement and songs

- the process of applying meaning to what is there.

There is a particular kind of shared affect between dance and poetry, movement and sound.
Both forms are vitally engaged with the flux between the concrete and the abstract 

produced in the charged spaces of the emotional and corporal experience.
Both forms enable access to those important

but rarefied conditions in which one is feeling something absolutely singular;

something at once obscure and yet somehow always known;

an embodied or unconscious knowledge, an immanence of the senses.

These things are not immortal;
because they burn so brightly, and exist at the edges of thought and language 

they are prone to being forgotten.

Let us come together and celebrate with all our senses, by singing a long forgotten

love songs.

Choreography: Michael Getman

In collaboration with Talia Paz

Performers: Talia Paz, Michael Getman

Dramaturgy: Yael Venezia

Stage design and Lights: Ofer Laufer

Sound editor: Gal Hochberg

Production: Hilla Gamily

Media&Design: Idan Herson

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