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Artistic Fundraising Event 

Out of solidarity and sorrow, I, along with the Jewish community in Turin, have decided to organize an artistic fundraising event for those affected by the brutal massacre on October 7th—our sisters and brothers, soldiers, and children.

To culminate this effort, on November 8th at 20:00, at the Sinagoga della Comunità Ebraica di Torino, we hosted a dance/movement workshop for body-mind connection and upliftment, followed by a short film screening, and the evening concluded with the soulful singing of Neveen Makhoul Elias and Tamir Grinberg. All donations will support the children left without parents and the soldiers in the field.

I want to express my gratitude to everyone who made this evening possible—Ruth Mussi and Sonia Brunetti for their initiative, Rabbi Ariel Finzi for hosting us in the beautiful synagogue, Silvana Ranaudo for her continuous support, Maya Katzir for her assistance from Rome, the ICD dancers, and Gloria De Angeli.

I want to extend my gratitude to Tamir Grinberg and Neveen Makhoul Elias, who gave their voices and hearts in favor of the event.

We have collected a fair amount that mainly was contributed to Moshav Netiv HaAsara. 

On this note, I invite you to share this ongoing donation link.


Tamir Grinberg

Tell Me Where The Light Goes

Neveen Makhoul Elias

Psalm 121

Michael Getman

First things 1st. Video work 

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