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Mark Rothko, Black on Black on Wine, 1968

Artistic Fundraising Event


It all seems ages ago, driving on the night of October 4, saying goodbye to the Songs&Borders ladies who premiered at the Akko Festival, to meet Ariel Gelbart at the airport, to fly and perform First Things in Croatia.

I was supposed to land back in Tel Aviv after two nights.

Today is November 7th! A month! A month after the massacre that happened in my home-- Black Saturday of October 7th!

A month that my body carries a wounded and tired soul in Europe. It all seems long ago.

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Novembre 26th 2023 
Disability And Metamorphosis Of The Body
Urbania, Italy

C.R.E.A. project – Choreography, Research, Empowerment, Audiences
March 2024, Perugia, Italy

Anna Akhmatova


Grant me years of sickness and fever;
make me sleepless for months at a time.
Take away my child and my lover
and the mysterious gift of rhyme.
As the air grows ever more sultry,
this is the prayer I recite:
and may the storm cloud over my country
be shot through with rays of light.


Partially, To create a space, To experience a sense of reality, To become active in a state of being, artists and audience.
Often, I start by defining a question, a limitation, I make sure to empty my body of unnecessary information, I formulate a way
of behaving that fits the context of work happening now.
ThereforeEach work is specific in its own structure, aesthetics, style, and texture, It is about experiencing emotions rather than illustrating moods, sensing the borders between things, rather than the things


It is about reality and fiction, presence and absence, concrete and invisible. It is the gap between what Is and what we perceive.

It is about the quality of attention, saying “Yes, I don’t know”.

It reforms definitions, resists itself. It accepts that the present disappears, and that presence is relative.

Eventually, It is about reaching one person’s eye and soul--Their sense of reality. It is interested in appearing as one thing-- the illusion of Freedom.

Michael Getman 

Yes, It Does

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