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Michael Getman

 © Michael Getman

Photo: Tami Weiss

To create a space
To experiences a sense of reality
To become active in a state of being
artists and audience
I start by defining a question, a limitation 
I make sure to empty my body from unnecessary information
I formulate a way of behaving, that fits the context of work happening now
Each work is specific in its own structure, aesthetics, style and texture
It is about experiencing emotions rather than illustrating moods 
sensing the borders between things, rather than the things

It is about reality and fiction, presence and absence, concrete and invisible 
It is the gap between what Is and what we perceive
It is about quality of attention, saying “Yes, I don’t know”
It reforms definitions, resists itself
It accepts that the present disappears, and that presence is relative
It is about reaching one person’s eye and soul--
Their sense of reality 
It is interested in appearing as one thing 
the illusion of Freedom.

Michael Getman 


Yes, It Does

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