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To The Point

To The Point works with the relevance to the matter at hand; the Ballet and the connection to a partner.

In classical contexts, group coordination may involve precise unison or complementary actions. This might be named as corps work.

In To The Point the two dancers are coordinating rhythmical activity without a given musical beat and without contacting one another with a physical touch.

They are practicing the ability to coordinate movements in time and space by sharing intentionality, breath, emotionality and sound signals that are embodied within rhythmical movments.

The two dancers are drifting between hiper awarness of the performative serrounding, to intimate moments of discovering their own breath and body.

Sometimes they play with each other; mimicking, teasing, mirroring, provoking reaction, provoking the choreographic score. Slowly, a natural comunnication is taking form, to the point of collapsing.

The work was comissined by the Jerusalem Ballet Company, Artistic Director Nadia Timofeyeva.

Choreographer: Michael Getman

Dancers: Tal Benari, Noa Mamrud

Lights: Shy Yehudi

Music: Morton Feldman, Piano Four Hands (1958)

Original Music: Michael Getman

Sound Design: Michael Getman

Costumes: Tomer Halperin

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