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Pleasure Talk

An ongoing Process/Performance study of perceptions and desires.

As a performance artist I’m in a constant act of doing - a dynamic conversation with the surrounding and myself.

Pleasure Talk is based on community research in the given area. Series of meetings and conversations with different persons enable us to gather information that will inspire, influence and shape the work.

The performance itself is to be an extension of the conversations. Through this act, the performer becomes the Audience.

In the wider context, Pleasure Talk searches for the various possibilities of the individual ways of seeing and expectations as viewers.

What makes the viewer recognize truth or false in the performance?


Within the space of performance, a work between the private and the public, situations , or momentums of intimacy can be revealed. This is when movement, time and space are interwoven, creating crossing paths between the performer and the audience.

Could this path be the same road but to different persons in different places?

Collaborating with the Artist Iwona WojnickaPleasure Talk is a proposition to express the expectations both of the performers and the audiences. These roles start to be the subject for discussion and the audience is welcomed to take part in the live creation of the event. This way, the reception becomes an authentic act of body and emotions.

Premiered 2014 Maat Festival, Lublin.

With the support of the Cultural Center, Lublin city, Poland.

Duration: 45min without intermission.

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