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Out of Mea Shearim

Out of Mea Shearim is a joint Israeli-German theater production of Yulia Mestechkin and Evgeni Mestetschkin with ex-ultra Orthodox Jerusalemites Bar, Yossi, Racheli, Hanan, Maria, Ann, Yosef Haim and Sara.


Eight people leave their native land and their homes for a new unknown world – just another immigrant story. These eight people come from the “Promised Land”; their native land is Mea Shearim in Jerusalem, their home is ultra-Orthodox Judaism. The long path to a completely different world leads them to the other side of the street in the same Jerusalem, same “Promised Land”. They cross the “No Man’s Land” from their insular world to the outside. For them, Jerusalem is divided not into East and West…


In the process they discover another world that is just as new to them – the stage. They present their experiences and raise questions together with the German theater director Evgeni Mestetschkin, Israeli artist Yulia Mestechkin, Portuguese composer and pianist João Paulo da Silva and Israeli choreographer Michael Getman.


Not only did these young religious “Haredim” leave their insular world, their familiar surroundings and their families but they also got involved in this artistic project in which they appear on stage before the public.


Premiered in April, 2015 in Leo Model Hall at Gerard Bechar Center in Jerusalem, and at Schauspielhaus in Hamburg.

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