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"There are the words that couldn’t be twice said,
He, who said once, spent out all his senses.
Only two things have never their end –
The heaven's blue and the creator’s mercy."

Tel Aviv 2008

Choreographer: Michael Getman

Performers : Yaara Dolev, Eldad Ben-Sasson

Rehearsal Director: Naomi Perlov, May Zarhy

Music: Aus den sieben Tagen, Karlheinz Stockhausen (1968)

Production: Curtain up festival, Suzanne Dellal Tel Aviv

"This intriguing intimate Duet is a combination of a mystical atmosphere with a clear choreographictext.

The clear language of movement and dance create a bright performance quality.

A unique experience! "

Roth Eshel ­  -Ha­aretz- 

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