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Face to Face

Michael Getman's Face to Face is performed completely to a broken soundtrack of Beethoven's piano sonata and a political text of the well known composer Herold Rubin.

Using a very personal performance language and together with the creative dancer Eldad Ben-Sasson, they have created a most subtle though sometimes violent choreographic study of the question of intimacy within a conflict.

Through a private prism of ideas, with the desire to be moved and be charged by it, with references to political events, and without judgement, Michael responds to the tension and relationship between art and war, between sounds and images, between love and hate, between Cain and Abel or ambiguous relationships. Taking into consideration the cultural and personal experience to the notion "war within", a complex and humorous journey evolves on stage dealing with different understandings of who is a victim? Where does one draw the line between individuals? How close can we be to the other? What do we ask of the other? And if the other is our very near Brother!? The desire to fall in love? to lose control? to be transformed and taken by passion? or to control?!

These questions are explored through bold physicality and bizarre war imagery, which give a new twist to stereotypes of two male archetype in conflict, and the roles they play within relationships.

Premiered at the Holland Dance Festival, Korzo theatre 2012.

Choreographer: Michael Getman

Artistic Collaborator: Eldad Ben Sasson

Performers: Michael Getman, Eldad Ben-Sasson

Dramaturge: Yael Venezia

Reherseal Director: Naomi Perlov, Niv Marinberg

Music: Text and Sound - Herold Rubin

Beethoven Piano Sonata (Vladimir Ashkenazy)

Original Light Design: Ellen Knops

Lights: Tamar Orr

Sound editing and design: Michael Getman

Co production: The Holland Dance Festival // Naomi Perlov

“ ... In creative and powerful position images it comes to function and peculiarity, flight and persecution, love, hate, violence and affection, intimacy and externals harmony and discord.“

Kathrin Kipp - Reutlinger News

“ ...The two artists made it, the psychological dimension of aggression much impressively displayed than would be possible alone by words.”

Bernhard Haage - Swabian Tagblatt

"...This Intense duet deals with the relations between the fighters and responsibilities derived from them… Sometimes it seems they were brothers in arms, and sometimes they last remaining enemies on the battlefield and it is unclear if there is any point remaining  in fighting… 

Getman and Ben Sasson are wonderful dancers, they beautifully manage to pour intention to the content…"

Dana Shalev - mysay

"…Getman Created in his stirring work a rich intimate duet implied in its many unforgettable  details .... In many ways the genre of dance is compromised here and they are great actors who embody very clear yet complex characters…"

Zvi Goren - Habama

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