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D for 887

As in our identity, as in relationships, as in life, choreographic structures are formed by way of memory.

The memories brought forth, inherent in the musical material, also form a relationship to the memory of the place of production. In this sense musical material pre-exists, as it forms a dialogue with the material conditions of its production, the composer re-collecting this
material within the compositional process.

- Daniel Peter Biro, Remembering and Forgetting

In D for 887 choreographic material pre-existed with a different score of Frantz Schubert (Death and The Maiden). It is in this small space, just in between two of Schubert’s Master pieces, is
D for 887 a structure composed of two dancers, registering friction between tempo and melody, making it visible, flying with accuracy.

Premiered at Haifa Theatre, 2017.

Choreographer: Michael Getman

Dancers: Noa Mamrud, Tal Adler

Music: Schubert quartet No. 15 D 887 (second movement), Daniel Peter Biro ‘Lizkor VeLishkoach‘ (To Remember and to Forget) for String Quartet (2000)

Production Manager: Michal Hasson Bardes
Production Assistant: Avigail Sfez Bardes
Rehearsal Director: Naomie Perlov
Photography: Nadia Chen Perlov
Lights: Michael Getman

Stage Manager: Einav Eshel
Filmed by: Matan Sivan

Edited by: Michael Getman
Sound Design: Gal Hochberg
Produced by: Haifa excellency for art

With the support of Seminar Ha Kibbutzim College


Duration: 18min

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