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First Things 1st

Imagine it.

A world where there is no distance between it and our knowledge of it.

How then to speak about it.

When the foundations of society are undermined, and spaces of existence are reduced.

Perhaps we are left to be entirely focused on tuning ourselves inward, as one tunes an instrument to achieve precision.

First things 1st  is the first chapter out of five stances. In this iteration, Getman uses words and peeks between what is being said and what is said between the lines. Matter, form, action, object and representation, commandment and request, nothingness and Nothing. Brick by brick, a personal attempt to touch the humane - a visible trap.

Choreography and Performance: Michael Getman
Dramaturge: Yael Venezia
Music: O-taiko by master Eitetsu Hayashi
Lighting Design: Yair Vardi
Video Director: Idan Herson
Post and After Effects: Idan Herson, Ofir Yudilevitch  

Makeup: Didi Pozner

International relations: Katherina Vasiliadis


Length of full work: 50 minutes

Number of performers: 1

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First Things 1st will be a full evening stage work with up to 2 performers.
Chapter 1 can be presented as a video work as well as a live stage work. 

The work is supported by Derida Dance Center, Bulgaria, and Seminar hakibutzim college Tel Aviv, Israel  

Co/producer: HANGARTFEST 
World Premiere: September 2022,  Hangartfest Pesaro Italy


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